What is
your company made of?

Understand your true organizational structure, learn from peers and grow smarter.
What is skein.io

The first true resource management solution that will make you think differently about your company.



skein.io is a living org chart that reflects your growing organization. No more static charts that need to be reworked continuously and can't keep up with your agile development.


Meaningful exchanges

Learn from like-minded peers instead of going on a lengthy quest for answers every time you do something new. Spend your time on what brings value to your customers rather than on wondering which CRM to use.


Informed strategy

Identify organizational needs in time and plan your next steps to avoid running into bottlenecks. Always stay on top of your company's development.


Secured knowledge

Keep information about employees, software, freelancers and other third-party services in one central place. Don't risk losing key information with changing staff.

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Rethink resources

Your company works with dozens of resources, including employees, software tools and third-party service providers like freelancers or agencies. Keep them all up to date and organized in one place.

Visualize allocation

Work with agile organizational charts to maintain a holistic overview and see what your company is actually made of. Get the most use out of your org chart: create business units, functional clusters and tasks.

Dive into details

Understand what each resource contributes to your company’s success, allowing for more flexible talent allocation. Create transparency around who is doing what and encourage knowledge sharing.

Empower decision makers

Hand managers and team leads a tool to stay on top of things. Grant them full visibilty of your organizational structure and allow for more resourceful decisions.

Distribute to stakeholders

Use our dedicated secure links to share your org chart internally and externally in real time. Onboard new employees, keep your investors up-to-date or discuss challenges with peers in your business communities.

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